Wendell is the tinsmith of Barrelhaven.


Wendell seems to be some what of a leader to the farmers of barrelhaven. When he decides he hates or likes Phoney bone for example most of the village follow him. When the war begins he becomes the leader of the farmers and even some veni yan warriors with some calling him "sir". He is best friends with Euclid.


When he is first seen he is just a backround character and was only seen at the barrlehaven tavern but soon became more outspoken. When the war starts he is appointed to be the leader of the farmers and it is shown he is quite proficiant with weapons. When the warriors at atheia begin to lose him, lucius and the men form old mans cave arrive and Wendell is the first to spot Briar. After the battle he is at Lucius' burial and that is the last we see him.


Between Ghost circles and Treasure hunters wendell chages from wearing a green chirt with a brown vest to a blue long slevved shirt with no vest.