Smiley Bone is one of the three main characters in the graphic novel series "Bone" by Jeff Smith.

Smiley bone is the tallest of the three bone cousins and is often seen smoking a cigar. He wears a jacket and at times plays an interment called a lute(a one string interment).

As Grandma Ben would say, "He has no brain." He is the least intelligent of the three bone cousins. He often ends up driving people mad due to his stupidity and simplicity. He is also observant and seems content to take life as it comes. He likes to help people though Lucius says "It's more like torture." Through his nurturing of Bartleby, a baby rat creature, we see him maturing in character. When he and his cousin were children, Phoney Bone made him steal pies off of windowsills because he was the tallest. After Phoney got rich, Smiley made him pay everyone back. Every once in a while, Smiley shows his intelligence like in Book 9, "Crown of Horns" when he came up with the plan of giving the "Two Stupid Rat Creatures" quiche, then "accidentally" let them go. The rat creatures would tell their leaders that Atheia could withstand the siege, for they had enough food to feed them quiche. Smiley Bone has also had his sad moments. In the new Barrelhaven Tavern, he sat glumly at the table after Lucius's funeral not talking to anybody, not even Bartleby. Also in the departure of the Valley, Smiley was sad to leave the Valley and also sad for Fone Bone, who had to leave Thorn.

Smiley appears in all of the bone books.