Mim was the first Dragon to exist, former keeper of the Dreaming,the most powerful Veni Yan Kari, and the first host to the Locust.


In the comics Mim is a massive red dragon that is rather serpentine. She has three fingered claws, a long snout, and a very long tail.


Mim was the first Dragon to come into existence and became keeper of all who dreamed. By holding her tail in her mouth she was able to nurture the Dreaming and keep a balance. She also possessed mighty strength and reverence from the Dragons who still considered themselves her subjects even after her possession by the Locust. According to Grandma Ben, she was the most powerful mortal in existence.


Mim was the first Dragon and became immediately the Queen of the Dragons. She was able to keep balance within the dreaming and the world flourished. A disgruntled nightmare spirit known as the Locust was able to possess her and control the Dreaming, causing the world to become a nightmare. The dragons, seeing no alternative, led a disastrous campaign against her that resulted in the loss of many Dragon lives. In the end, Mim was transformed into the Eastern Mountains and the Locust was imprisoned.

Many years later, Briar succeeded in releasing part of the Locust from Mim and causing ghost circles to descend.

Eventually the Locust gained enough power to possess Mim and break free, terrorizing the Valley. Thorn and Fone Bone were able to free her temporarily from the power of the Locust using the Crown of Horns, but she was possessed once more. Only the union of evry single Dragon was enough to force her once more into the ground. She is now imprisoned once more.