&nbsp Atheia is the capital city of the valley and home to the thrown. For many years it was ruled by the harvesters until it was nearly destroyed in the big war. After which it was taken over by Tarsil the Usurper, a corrupt veni yan warrior. It sits on a large cliff and is not very far from Deren Gard. It was the sight for the last battle of the second big war in which the Armiens of Pawa with the rat cretures attaked. After the battle Thorn harvester became queen and rebuilt the city and government.


After The Lord of the Locusts was destroyed, the valley formed. Rat creatures inhabited many areas until humans forcefully conquered the land. The people set up a government composed mainly of harvestors and a king and queen. Atheia was built on a cliffside in the mountains, between Sinner's Rock and Deren Gard. It was declared seat of the government, and the king and queen resided there for centuries.

Tarsil's Rule and The Order of The EyeEdit

After the King and Queen were betrayed by Briar, Tarsil took command. Tarsil was Captain of the Queen's Guard, and, in his quick-thinking that saved Atheia from the rat creatures, he gained many supporters. After years of no official government and the wreck the rat creatures left, Tarsil rose in military ranks. As discomfort grew among the people, his number of supporters enlarged. So with the queen, Rose, and Thorn gone, Tarsil seized control over the military. Afraid the dragons would take him from the seat of power, as his hatred of them was well known, he led an expedition to their sacred Burial Grounds. But his mission failed, and he came back scarred and humiliated. Angered by his defeat, Tarsil disbanded the remaining members of the original council.

Tarsil formed a new military guard, called The Order of The Eye. These soldoirs bore an eye on their hoods, and roamed the streets and walls, arresting anyone in defiance of Tarsil's rule. Original soldoirs of the queen remained, but Order members ruled over them, despite their poor training and bad discipline.

When the first Ghost Circles appeared, Tarsil openly blamed the dragons. He ordered his soldoirs to destroy dragon shrines and arrest any dragon worshippers, acting more and more like a dictator. Afraid Rose and Thorn would smuggle into the city, he allowed no refugees in the gates. He ordered anyone suspected of contact with the old queen to be arrested. He soon heard the bone creatures were in the city, and began tracking down the queen. He soon found Thorn after she tried helping Taneal escape the gate guard. He charged her of dragon worship and ordered her to be burned at the stake.

While Thorn and the Bones were being imprisoned, the rat creatures and Pawa soldoirs launched their seige on Atheia. tarsil was soon killed by Briar, and Queen Rose took command of the soldoirs.